Download the Installer

MathematicaHandbook consists of hundreds of files which have to be correctly assembled on your computer. This is done by an installer application which is itself a Mathematica notebook. If you have purchased the MathematicaHandbook and have received a transaction code, and you want to download the installer now, click the link below.

Download Installer

Run the installer in a fresh Mathematica session. Click on the “Install” button.     A dialog box will open and ask you for your transaction code, which is an upper case letter followed by 4 to 6 numbers .  Each transaction code entitles you to install the Handbook on only one machine.  Once the Handbook is installed, you may, however, use the same transaction code to reinstall updates on that machine.

The installer will fetch the book files (about 90 Mb) from a server and unpack them. This process will take 2 minutes on a fast machine, and up to 6 minutes on a slow one, so be patient. The installer will open a log notebook and several progress bars. When it is finished, a MathematicaHandbookNavigator palette will be visible. Move the palette to the left side of your screen ( so it does not get covered up) and then click on the buttons to access any of the notebooks.

In subsequent sessions, the MathematicaHandbook Navigator palette will open automatically when you launch Mathematica. It can also be found by clicking on the Palettes tool bar and choosing MathematicaHandbook Navigator.

For problems with the purchasing process, send an email to  or call 949 378-2457.

For problems with installing or using the Handbook, please check the FAQ before sending an email to 

For other problems, send an email to